Disadvantages of Vaping

There are many disadvantages of smoking and many of first is that people are getting addicted to it as compared to regular smoking. There are many people who try regular smoking and they pick it up as a habit after a month of trying it but when anyone smokes vape for the first time, they instantly get addicted to it because it is flavorful, it is easy to smoke, it does not require much inhaling and with minimum inhaling you get almost like a cloud of smoke. Also, people love the idea of smoking an e-cigarette which gives them a sense that they are on top of the technology.

Some people are so addicted that they get their own signature flavors by mixing different flavors and selling them online. People have made YouTube channels and they have millions of views and subscribers. On their channel they show to vape, how to clean a vape and how to make rings and do different things with smoke. This has also become a trend, because the latest generation thinks that smoking is out dated and vaping is the new thing. That is why kids of small age are getting into vaping and now the govt is making sure that vape should not be used until the age of 18.

Buying a vape can cost a lot of money. A simple vape can cost more than 300 dirhams and a vape with full cleaning kit, extra batteries and additional flavors can cost more than 1000 dirhams. Even a small liquid bottle of flavor can cost more than 100 dirhams. Also, if your vape device is broken, to repair it, it costs a lot of money. A simple cleaning of cotton or replacing of cotton can cost you more than 150 dirhams. Apart from these disadvantages, the main disadvantages are of health risks. There are more than 1000 deaths each year in a county due to vaping and if people are not dying then they have to suffer from diseases like sinus and breathing issues like congested chest and allergic asthma as well.

People say that it doesn’t have much nicotine but according to a report given by tobacco control act that the vape uses the same amount of nicotine as of a regular cigarette. But if you want a safe vape with some good instructions, visit myle in Dubai or see different vaporesso price in Dubai.