Hand sanitizer tips

Haven’t we all been crazy about hand sanitizers since the very beginning and now the hype seems to have increased due to the breakout of pandemic. From hotels to bathrooms, cafeterias to handbags, and hospitals to schools, we see a major surge in alcohol based hand sanitizer in Dubai and all for the right reasons. Hand sanitizers help us with:

  • Getting rid of germs and bacteria without having to wet our hands with soap and water and then aiming for a heater or towel to dry them off.
  • Killing germs with content of at least 60% of alcohol which frees us from the corona virus along with other conditions such as cold and flu which can be quite threatening to human life as well.
  • Getting a more effective clean and sanitized wash than soap and water in certain cases where the hands aren’t soiled too much.

But before you go all crazy with using these hand sanitizers and buying them from cleaning equipment suppliers Dubai, we would recommend you to take a look at the following tips to get the maximum use out of it:

  • Hand sanitizers are not as effective in getting rid of dirt and grime as it is in getting rid of germs and bacteria. If you have any kind of mould or grime collected on your hands then you definitely need to use soap and water to get rid of it.
  • With the surge of current situations, you may see a lot of different hand sanitizers in the market but just know that not all of them are effective in killing germs as the content of alcohol in it must be 60% or more.
  • Because it is obviously a mix of chemical you should definitely be careful about the hazardous contents it must contain. This is the reason that we would recommend you not to use hand sanitizer before having your meals but after.
  • Now because it is a mix of chemicals, it is for sure not going to be safe for everyone else which is why if you suffer through the condition of dry skin or allergic reactions to fragrance then you should refrain from using it.

For further details on the topic we would recommend you to consult your doctor or dermatologist so that you have better insights.