Healing relationships

Flower shops in Abu Dhabi need to realize that flowers play a crucial role in the well being of an individual’s mental state of mind. Keeping in mind the importance flowers have on emotions of individuals, a lot needs to be done to smoothen the online bouquet delivery in Abu Dhabi.

Repairing relationships: Quality flowers are essential for a couple trying to get back on talking terms. From the male’s perspective, he would like to make this reunion a day to be remembered for times to come. Only he knows that his ex wife’s favorite flower is the jasmine. Jasmines are popular amongst females because of the way they look and also the way they smell. He would like to get a bouquet of jasmine flowers arranged beautifully in ways that it will make her emotional and perhaps the two  would be back to the way they were pre divorce.

Hurdle in the way: He wants to have the bouquet delivered at a specific location, for that he needs to book the flowers. Placing an order in today’s modern world is commonly done through a telephonic call. This would make matters complicated for him keeping in mind he is hearing impaired.

Targeting those at a disadvantage: A flower shop that sets up an online platform for placing orders would be doing a great favor for such individuals. The platform is not only meant for hearing impaired individuals but for anyone with a disability. The customer can simply just place their order and have the bouquet delivered without having to say a word. The shop can keep such customers in the loop by having them connected to the shop’s inner system. 

Enhancing the shop’s reputation: Should the shop succeed in delivering the bouquet of jasmine flowers, this particular flower shop can make it to the headlines. Picture a story of a hearing impaired guy gifting his ex’s favorite flowers, anyone would like this relationship to succeed. It is common for a business that does well in delivering its product and services, the customer gives a positive feedback in return by tagging them on their social media accounts. Similarly the same can be done for the flower shop. In this way the flower shop would be able to see an increase in its customer base, its profit and lastly its reputation.