Thinking out of the box

It takes a great deal of effort for a Spa to offer the best facials in Abu Dhabi alongwith manicure and pedicure throughout Abu Dhabi. A spa owner needs to realize that they cannot persist with the same strategies over and over as the surrounding environment keeps on changing.

Room for improvement: Automation in Spas are a distant possibility but is achievable with a great deal of planning and researching to be done. No spa can survive in the market without any back up plan in place when demands of their services are low. Spas situated in Abu Dhabi should take cue from a company called “Coral” being one of the first startups to build  home manicure machines although it is in its early phases. Using startups such as Corals  serve as  good examples for building a machine that does not require a single ounce of input on part of the user to get their nails painted.  Functionality of this manicure machine would be similar to that of a coffee machine. As fancy as the machine seem to be there are still a couple of loopholes to work on such as speeding up the time for drying nails. It is recommended to start with a Minimum Viable Product(MVP) with less features in order to make improvements.

No one gets replaced: Employees of Spas would feel threatened if such an initiative is launched on a global scale. This should not be the case as humans are needed when it comes to monitoring the functionality of the machine. A team is needed in case the machine malfunctions.

Benefits of facials: Facial treatment is a skin treatment that benefits the skin. It is a treatment that unclogs pores, removes dirty skin, gets rid of blackheads, reduces appearance of scars, along with reduction in blemishes. This treatment not only improves skin texture but also lighten skin of an individuals’ skin tone. Individuals experiencing wrinkles and aging of the skin benefit from availing facial treatment as it would make them look younger and fresher. Facial massages not only improves blood and oxygen flow, but also improves the lymphatic drainage of the individual’s face. Individuals of all ages can avail the benefits of facial treatments keeping in mind this treatment works for any skin type.