Mental health tips for students

With the ongoing crises of the times, remember that our ultimate defense is through positive thinking and managing our mental health. If you are among students who are
struggling to adapt with their current situation or a parent to one, here are 10 tips to help manage your mental health this pandemic:

Speak your mind openly

No matter what, your family, friends and relatives are always there for you. They all love you more than you know and when you share your problems with them they stand by your side to help you out. Don’t be anxious to share your burden.

Surround yourself with people who help you grow

Be careful who you choose to be friends with. Optimistic people who can lift you up whenever you are down, the ones having the same interests as yours and people with whom you can achieve things together are the right ones for you.

Have or know your purpose

Have a goal or purpose in life. Set some short term goals to eventually achieve the long term goal such as to dream about becoming a counselor helping people fight stress or become an expert of mental health in Dubai.

No matter how bad situations you encounter, as long as you know where you are heading nothing can ever stop you.

Do healthy activities and reduce mobile usage

Try to do healthy activities that help you discover yourself such as painting, writing poems, playing with musical instruments, reading books etc. in your free time. And then, you don’t have to update all your life events on social media. Understand that this social media life is not real, listening and getting influenced with people’s superficiality and opinions is no good at all.

Spend more time with yourself

It is best to talk to yourself, recognize your mistakes and assess yourself by knowing your strength and weaknesses.

Do some meditation and exercise

Meditation, according to many therapists in Dubai, has many health benefits such as getting relieved from confusion, manage depression and anxiety etc. that would help to see things clearly and solve problems efficiently.

Exercise too helps our body release stress-relieving and mood-boosting endorphins hence proving to be a powerful antidote to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Take a break

If it seems like you are drowning with your problems, stop and take a break. Go for a walk on the beach, treat yourself with your favorite dish or buy yourself something. After that, cheer up and fight again.