Factors on which SEO packages are based and priced

There are a lot of digital marketing companies that are providing different SEO packages in Dubai. These packages have different characteristics on which they are based and people can get them according to their requirements. Normally each company has a set of different characteristics in each kind of package but some companies also provide the facility of customization in which you can chose according to your needs, but only few companies do that. If you are eager to know about the things on which these packages are based then you should see this:

Keywords: There are different numbers of keywords are provided in different packages. The beginner package will normally provide around 10 keyword optimization and if you need more than that then you need to change your package. But you should not decide about your package on one thing only. You should see several things before making decision. You have to see the keyword search ability in these packages because some will provide less density in this regard and some will provide more according to the price which you are paying. They will also provide you facility to check your keyword density which is important in getting new traffic and retaining the old traffic. Keywords are very important and they are like the crux of the entire SEO thing so they have to be taken care.

Broken link: This is provided in all the packages and starting from the very first beginners’ package. You can get this easily in all the packages.

Pages: you will be provided different number of pages optimization in different packages. The least number you will get in 10 pages and it will be getting in the starter packages. They will also provide you the facility of making new pages in your website and then linking it to the older ones and providing all the facilities of your package in that page too.

Social media buttons: These companies will facilitates you to link all your social media pages to website so that people can go to your social media pages with the click of one button only. They will create different one-click buttons for this purpose. You can choose the place where you want these buttons to appear on your website. Some people like to have them on the side bar and some at the bottom.