Things You Didn’t Knew About Weddings

Weddings are really magical because they are tied in a bond where people will just love and understand each other. But there are some extraordinary things related to wedding and whenever one wears a white dress, we ought to think that she is getting married but did you ever thought that how this color is marked for most of the wedding dresses. Well, it all started when Queen Victoria had to marry Prince Albert in 1840. There and then it was a norm that the becoming Queen has to wear red color but the Queen decided to decline the dress and buy a white one. This was done to show how much the family was rich because white color is still difficult to maintain and clean. And she has white embroidery on white which was said to be the most expensive wedding of the era. Whereas, white is the color of giving up, surrender and in some cultures of India, people wear white colored dress when someone dies.

You know that why people only wear wedding ring in the third finger of the left hand, that is because of old Roman’s poor anatomical understanding. This is the kind of believe that every generation follows it and it is followed in all parts of the world. According to the Roman’s the left hand’s third finger has a nerve which is directly connected to the heart and that is why the wedding ring should be kept close to the heart. But this concept is proven wrong but the modern sciences. Also, to carry the bride to the house has a secret as well, this was started as a tradition. According to old English sayings, the man had to carry the bride to ward off evil from the ground.

Weddings are expensive as well, and the most expensive thing is the bride’s dress. A normal looking dress can cost at least 10,000 dollars and not all can afford that. Even the groom’s dress can cost more than 5,000 dollars. That is why there are many companies which buy the dresses of people who need money in return. And those same dresses are cleaned and rented out to people who cannot afford the wedding dress. You can rent a good dress in 1,300 dollars and you can rent a normal dress in 450 dollars. You can book different wedding halls in Dubai and in business centers in Dubai too.