Smile with confidence

The Hollywood smile dental clinic needs to have the best orthodontist in Abu Dhabi who is capable enough of allowing patients to smile. It is no easy task to gain one’s confidence when it comes to smiling since there are many challenges in the way.

Having a system in place: Emphasis should be placed on having an organized system in the dental clinic. Most dental clinics are usually small in size, keeping the sizes in mind, the clinic should have a dentist as well as an orthodontist. Having two such doctors working as a team would do an amazing job of allowing patients to smile without a worry.

Getting teeth checked up by the dentist: A dentist job is to work on the patient’s teeth, gums, nerves and jaw. In this particular case it is the teeth that is of relevance. It would not make sense for a patient who has plaques, cavities or need fillings to go straight to an orthodontist. A good dentist would do an amazing job of getting rid of bacteria in the teeth.

Visit the orthodontist: Once the dentist believes that the patient’s teeth is in a condition to get braced, he or she goes ahead and visits an orthodontist. The orthodontist job is to correct bites, occlusion and straightening of the teeth. An individual who gets his or her teeth treated from the dentist probably has misaligned teeth which deters the confidence to smile. The orthodontist would get the teeth braced in precise manner. Teeth whitening is the final step in order to actually allow the patient to smile and talk when it comes to presentation towards the public. A good orthodontist would always recommend the patient to wait for a couple of months post bracing in order to get the teeth whitened. There is a reason for this, wearing braces can make it uncomfortable for an individual’s teeth in for a brief period of time which is why the patient needs time.

Whitening the teeth: If the orthodontist believes he or she is unable to whiten the teeth, then the patient would be referred back to the dentist who would use advanced technology to whiten the teeth. In case of sensitive gums/teeth the dentist would simply prescribe a whitening toothpaste.